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One of the most advanced cosmetic treatments of thinning eyebrows is microblading. This procedure is helping thousands and thousands of women achieve the look they desire. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that is used to enhance the eyebrows.

Genetics and sickness can cause a person to develop thin or undefined eyebrows. In the past, other techniques such as permanent makeup have been around to recreate the appearance of lost eyebrows. Older techniques of eyebrow tattooing often left an unnatural dotted appearance. Now with microblading eyebrow etching, a more natural feathered look is able to be achieved.

This technique recreates the look of individual hairs, creating a feathered natural look. The treatment is performed with one-time-use microblades that etch pigment to the region.

Speak with Dr. Burton Sundin or Dr. Reps Sundin to learn more about the results you can achieve with microblading.

Contact us at our office in Richmond to schedule a consultation.

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